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Man Jailed For Possession Of Extremist Literature

A man in Derby has been jailed for a year for extremist literature found on his home computer.

33-year-old Umran Javed pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey, to three offences of possessing material likely to be useful in terrorism.

The documents were found as a result of parole checks when computer equipment was examined.

Javed was jailed in 2007 for six years for soliciting to murder after telling a crowd to bomb Denmark and the US.

He was arrested in February 2006 when about 300 protesters demonstrated after cartoons satirizing Muhammad were published in newspapers in Demark and other European countries.

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On Tuesday, at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Fulford said the two documents found at Javed's home contained extremist views and encouragement for terrorism.

The material, entitled Zaad-e-Mujahid and Incitement Of The Heroic Mujahadin In Reviving The Tradition Of Assassination, was said to have been on Javedís computer at the time of his arrest in 2006.

The computer was returned to him upon his release in 2009 but the defence pointed out that the files had not been viewed until the police check.

Mr Justice Fulford said he accepted Javed was a "significantly different man" now with more balanced views.

Adding that the material was "likely to remain unread and unused by anyone".

Javed had set up a web design business on leaving prison and did voluntary work, including at the multi-faith centre at the University of Derby.

He is expected to be freed in about six weeks because of time served while on remand.


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"A man in Derby has been jailed for a year for extremist literature found on his home computer."