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1960s Wedding Ring Found Between Car Seats

We've all rummaged down the back of the sofa or found something unusual underneath the fridge.

But one Californian couple found a 1961 wedding ring between the seats of their new car.

After making the discovery, Steve and Shannon Callahan set out on a touching quest to find the original owners of the 2004 Pontiac Grand Am they bought in January.

Their search took them across the United States to El Paso, Texas, but with the help of local newspapers they found Darlene King back in Sacramento where they started.

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The couple returned the 51-year-old white gold and diamond band to Mrs King.

The 14-carat ring belonged to her husband Thomas King, who died six months ago.

It was an emotional moment for 78-year-old Mrs King, who thought the ring must have gone down the drain.

She said: "We thought it was a lost cause."

The ring was engraved with the date of the Kings' wedding ceremony - April 29, 1961.

Mrs King lost her own wedding ring years ago but now, reunited with her husbandís wedding band, she said she might give it to her son as a "present from his father" after wearing it around her neck for a while.

Still grieving, she said: "These nice people found it. I just wish my husband were alive."

The Callahans, who have been married for 11 years, found the ring when they were looking down between the car seats for a mobile phone.

The phone is still lost.


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"We've all rummaged down the back of the sofa or found something unusual underneath the fridge."