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Kate Upton's Parenting Doubt

Kate Upton's biggest critic when it comes to parenting is herself.

The actress believes she often falls short of her own expectations when it comes to mothering her daughter Genevieve, whom she welcomed with husband Justin Verlander in November 2018.

Speaking candidly to People magazine, the model said: "My biggest mom shamer is myself. We're always trying to be the best we possibly can and that's why I like to speak out about the subject. Because we're all trying to do our best and be our best, and we need to support each other in those efforts.

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"You always feel like you're falling short somewhere, but I think just give yourself a break and know that you are doing your best and continue doing it. Don't put too much on your plate."

Motherhood has affected Kate's world view in ways she never expected, including giving her an awareness of climate change and the legacy she is leaving for her daughter.

"I care about her future," the 27 year-old said. "I want her to have a happy life, and global warming would prevent her from having the future I foresee her having.

"I've always tried to make a conscious effort to be aware and appreciative of our environment, but I think the real call to action is for companies to make major changes to their carbon imprint."

The star realises that we all have a part to play and says influencers should speak out and support companies that are working to minimise their carbon footprint.


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"Kate Upton's biggest critic when it comes to parenting is herself."