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Bridal lingerie has a dual role, it should provide silent support during the ceremony and reception, yet speak volumes to your groom on your wedding night.

Choosing the right bridal lingerie is imperative as it will provide you with a firm foundation to accentuate your best features.

Choose correctly and it will also hide the lumps and bumps that all women have but would rather not speak of. If you are not buying your lingerie in the same store as your dress, take your dress or at least a sample of the fabric with you when you try on your lingerie. Do not be tempted to leave your choice to the last minute and go for a more economic option; these aren't just any undies, these are perhaps the most important pair of undies that you will ever purchase.

The first point needing consideration is the fabric and style of the dress you are wearing. If you have decided on an informal shift dress made from a lightweight material such as raw silk, then a corset may not be the best choice of undergarment as it is likely to show through the dress and cut you off in the middle. In short you could end up looking like an extra from a science fiction robot wars film rather than the elegant boho chick that you are. Best opt for minimal lingerie such as nipple covers and a g-string, or even bikini if you plan to get married on the beach. Certain body slimmers can be worn with this type of dress so speak with the professionals either in the bridal or lingerie boutique for the best options. Remember to weigh up the Pro's and Con's of body slimmers prior to purchase. They may smooth away lumps and bumps but they don't always look the best in the evening, they can be uncomfortable and dependant on your style of dress sometimes there is simply no need. Don't forget that while you do want to look your very best on your wedding day, your groom loves you - lumps, bumps and all. Is it really necessary to squeeze yourself into something that you can barely move in for the sake of fashion? Remember that you will be in this underwear all day and doing a lot of moving about so comfort is key to enjoyment.

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If you are opting to wear a bra rather than a Basque or corset, remember that you may have to buy a size up/down from your normal size to suit the top of your dress. Should you require a bra that gives you a little extra support, make sure the support is where you need it - under the bra to give you a little lift. A little thought and clever measurements will ensure that you do not end up with too much support at the top of the bra, or worse, still popping out under your arms, out the sides and around your back. If your dress dictates that you must wear a strapless bra, opt for one that is not only flattering to your shape and in keeping with the line of your dress, but also has that extra wow factor for the wedding night.

If you plan to lose weight in the run up to the wedding it is a good idea to hold off getting fitted for your wedding lingerie until close to the wedding; unless planning to wear a basque or padded bra that may dramatically alter your shape. You may lose weight from your chest area and last minute alterations to your dress may prove costly. Speak with a professional in your bridal boutique and tell them of your plans, they will be able to best advise a time scale to allow for alterations.

You may be lucky enough to purchase panties to match your choice of bra, basque or corset. Some companies will have special bridal options with phrases such as 'Just Married' on the rear, however if you want something a little more classic, then look for styles embellished with designs from pearl/diamante beading, lace and ribbon. Always try your pants with your wedding dress before the big day. As with a ball-gown there should be no VPL (Visible Panty Line). This is especially important should your dress be tight fitting, or made from a light weight material. If this is your style of dress then a white thong or g-string is perfect for the occasion. Not only are they comfortable but these clever little inventions hide from guests, so your dress can be worn as designed yet still look great when you want to show off a little bit more. If however this style of lingerie makes you a little nervous then seamless pants will work equally well, it is a good idea to purchase two pairs, one nude and one white so you can be assured that no V.P.L. will appear through the dress. Should you have chosen a full skirted dress or one that is made from a heavier material, then your choice of pants is entirely your own. You can even get away with wearing a cute set of silk French knickers but there is little chance that any of your guests will see these items, so go with what you will be most comfortable with on your wedding night.

The one piece of lingerie that your guest will see is your garter. Do not spend too much money on this item as it will be thrown to the bachelors. Opt for a garter from a novelty shop that will make your groom moderately embarrassed. Bright colours or a silly styles are perfect for this rite of passage. Have a more classic garter swept away which you can save for the wedding night and honeymoon. The garter should be matched to a set of high quality stockings. It is important not to attack this task economically as you want to guarantee that they will not run or gather at the knees. Also it may be a good idea to keep an extra set in your bridal kit incase of catches or plucks.

Bridal slips are particularly important for a-line full skirted dresses. They provide the extra lift required to stop heavier materials falling. It is best to opt for a one-two layered crinoline slip, try each on with your dress and base your final choice on practicality. You may also wish to consider wearing a baby doll under this type of dress, the key to a good finish is to opt for silk or chiffon as this will give a sensuous hugging high note when you reach the end of the day.

Regardless of what bridal lingerie you feel is best ensure that you are comfortable and that all pieces are well fitting to provide a firm and flirty foundation.


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"Bridal lingerie has a dual role, it should provide silent support during the ceremony and reception, yet speak volumes to your groom on your wedding night."