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If chosen correctly, wedding shoes are not only the perfect complement to your gown, they will also help your posture and correct height issues there may between you and your partner. Before you hit the shops there are a few things worth consideration:


The time of year that you choose to get married will have a massive impact on your choice of footwear.

Think about the season before you go shopping for your shoes The shops may be stocked full with sandals and straps but if you are getting married on 31st December your toes will be blue.

Winter/Autumn - Think boots. If these are laced, you might like to remove the laces and replace them with silk/satin ribbon. Above all be sure to have a closed toe area, to ensure that your extremities stay warm.

Summer/Spring - Choose peep toe, strapped sandals, flip-flops or even no shoes at all.


The style of your dress will also impact on your preferred type of shoe. If you have chosen a simple elegant short gown, a stunning pair of high heels embellished with diamante/pearls, will flatter and lengthen your legs. If you have a full skirted gown with lots of detailing, perhaps it would be best to try a simple silk bridal shoe, with little or no detail as your feet will be covered by your dress. There are numerous different shades of white and ivory. Never assume because it looks like the shoe should match in the shop it will be a match when you return. Always take a swatch of material with you to try under the shop lighting.

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Fabric & Colour

Commonly bridal shoes are made of the following fabrics - silk, velvet, lace and satin. These fabrics look the most feminine, however some styles may include raw silk or crepe. Matching your shoes or bridesmaid shoes to the dress can be a bit of a nightmare, particularly if the colour that you have chosen is a little different to that in season at the time. For this reason most good bridal retailers will be able to put you in touch with a shoe dying service. The majority of bridal shoes can be dyed with good accuracy. Simply give the company in question a sample of material and they will make the match for you. There is a small fee for this service, but it definitely saves on the hours of pavement pounding.


The height difference between you and your groom needs to be considered, before you set foot in a shoe store. If you are the same height or taller than your groom. It may be worth looking at pumps or flat heels, so as not to tower over him in the wedding photography. Consequently if your groom is a lot taller than you, it may be worth looking at high heels so that your groom isn't hunched over all day. Ultimately it is up to you, but do think about the height difference and if it even bothers you at all when shopping around.

Personal Style

Let the type of everyday shoes in which you are comfortable dictate the style of your wedding shoes. If you are a jeans and T-shirt girl, there is little point in trying to wear 6" stilettos'. You will simply spend the day wobbling around, feeling uncomfortable. You’re guaranteed to have them whipped off and thrown under Grannys chair before the evening is through. Try looking at pumps or flat sandals. If that is even a stretch too far, there are bridal shoe companies that make very nice ranges of bridal trainers. Perfect to satisfy your inner tomboy.

However if you are a girl that loves her heels and wouldn't be on a night out without them, pumps or flip flops, are simply going to make you feel short, frumpy and uncomfortable. Go with your instinct and find the perfect heels for you.

Remember with all bridal shoes to wear them around the house for a few weeks to break them in before the big day.

Purchase your shoes before you make any alterations to the hem of your dress this may effect the look and the hem may need to be taken up or dropped down. If you haven't made a shoe decision and are planning to wear heels say this to your bridal boutique as they will then be able to allow a little extra length to to accommodate your shoes.

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"If chosen correctly, wedding shoes are not only the perfect complement to your gown, they will also help your posture and correct height issues there may between you and your partner."