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The Penny Savers Wedding Plan

penny_saver_wedding_front.jpgWhen it comes to planning a wedding, the sheer cost can be somewhat overwhelming for newly-weds to be! But don't panic there are some great ways you can save money and cut some corners, yet still have a fantastic day just as you imagined.

Not every aspect of your wedding has to break the bank. You may have dreamt of the perfect pair of shoes or that stunning horse and carriage, which you can certainly have but to do this, compromises might have to be made elsewhere.

Your Wedding Day will be one of the most exciting and special days of your life, however it is only one day, so why not try and save some money where possible! Fear not we have created a unique list that could help you plan your perfect Wedding Day....on a budget!

1. The Rings

Finding the perfect ring is an important part of any engagement and wedding, but what if you could fall in love with one under budget? Vintage trends are becoming increasingly popular, we are constantly seeing jewellery shops filled with timeless classics. Many second hand shops will also feature some gorgeous vintage jewellery, so why not have a look? You are sure to find something unique and beautiful for half the price!

2. The Venue

Wedding venues can take up a hefty chunk of the wedding budget so why not have your reception in an unlikely location. Less obvious choices will ultimately be cheaper but can still look as beautiful as any other location. Village Halls or Sports Clubs will usually have a great function room. Once decorated to your taste it can look as good as any other venue but at a cheaper price!

3. Don't Over Invite

Think carefully about who you are inviting to your ceremony compared to your evening reception does everyone need to come to both? You can share the ceremony with your closest friends and family and more importantly save money! By inviting more guests to your evening reception you can include everyone who is special to you, but without the extra cost and have a cracking party too!

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4. The Dresses

When it comes to bridal wear we are all aware of the price tag! Why not shop around for a cheaper price on the high street. Many shops and boutiques stock gorgeous outfits perfect for any wedding, at a fraction of the price. Department Stores are also a great place to find beautiful wedding attire. Bridesmaid dresses are easily found at department stores and look just as good as something tailor made. Not so keen on the high street? Check web outlets for last minute and end of line deals you never know, the perfect dress could be a click away!

5. DIY Stationery

Stationery is necessary for every wedding how else would anyone know about the big day? However it can cost more than you think to hire professionals for this part of the planning. Why not have a go at creating your own stationery. It will look much more personal and give a sense of achievement and ownership over your wedding arrangements. Keep it simple look up template designs or tutorials online and see what you can come up with! You will be surprised at how easy it can be!

6. Food & Drink

Dining can be more expensive than you may have anticipated, so why not save money and throw a buffet style meal instead of a sit down meal? Guests will have the choice of what they eat and you wont have to worry about tailoring to specific needs and requirements. Where alcohol is concerned why pay extortionate prices for fine wines, when supermarkets stock perfectly good selections at a fraction of the price. Supermarkets also have regular deals so shop around for the best prices and save yourself a fortune!

7. Choose the right day

Want to slice a huge chunk out of your wedding bill and not fussy about what day it is on? Picking an unusual day for your ceremony can cut some venue prices in half! Getting married midweek tends to dramatically decrease the cost of the day however you may loose some guests that cannot make it during the week. Seasons also play a part in affecting the price. Winter Weddings tend to be much cheaper, but can look equally as gorgeous if you don't mind the cold!

8. Photographer

Photography is key to remembering the special moments of your big day but what if you had an alternative for the wedding reception? Why not place disposable cameras on every table and let your guests do the rest! This way you will see another side to your wedding party and probably have a good laugh in the process! But most importantly, you will save a great deal of money by removing some photographer fees!

9. Entertainment

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life you will definitely want to celebrate it! What better way to do this than with some great entertainment. Bands and DJs can be somewhat expensive, however there is an alternative. Why not create your own playlist to play throughout the evening saving great amounts on professional entertainment, plus you will play everything you love!

10. Transportation

Arriving to your wedding may feel like one of your biggest moments but it doesn't have to break the bank! If you have your heart set on that fairytale horse and carriage or luxury classic car, why not compromise on your other transport. If friends or family have a car, why not decorate it with ribbons and bows to match your bridal party. Making it the perfect vehicle for your accompanying party!

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"When it comes to planning a wedding, the sheer cost can be somewhat overwhelming for newly-weds to be! But don't panic there are some great ways you can save money and cut some corners, yet still h