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16% Of People 'Expect Hourly Contact With Their Partner'

One in six people expect to have hourly contact with their partner, a new survey has revealed.

A further 41% said they expect to have contact with their partner a few times throughout the day.

The findings, which have been released by E.ON, looked at Briton's relationships, and revealed that many people will choose quality over quantity. For example, while half of Facebook's users will have more than 200 friends on their account, 66% of those polled claim to have no more than five close relationships. A further 13% said that it is these relationships that make them feel healthy.

In addition, 61% of respondents said that strong personal relationships make them feel happy, and 43% admitted that the would go back to a former partner because of this.

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When the relationships involved loved one, frequency of contact is said to be essential, with 28% saying they maintain a good relationship with a friend by catching up a couple of times a week. 18% said the same for their relationship with their parents, and 12% for colleagues.

For couples though, 41% expect to be in touch with their other half a few times throughout the day with 16% expecting hourly contact.

Face-to-face is still the most popular choice when it comes to catching up (85%) with our nearest and dearest.

The study also looked at Britons' business relationships and it was revealed that people have similar attitudes whether it is business or personal relations. For example, 60% said trust was the most important attribute for a business relationship, with 71% saying the same for personal.

Dr Lynda Shaw, Psychologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist, said: "In both business and personal relationships, communication goes to a higher level of understanding and rapport once we've earned trust with the other party."


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"One in six people expect to have hourly contact with their partner, a new survey has revealed."