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Repeal The 8th A 'Workers' Rights Issue' - Labour

The Labour Party has said that repealing the 8th Amendment "is a workers' rights issue".

Labour Party spokesperson on Employment and Workers' Rights, Senator Ged Nash, welcomed the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) highlighting how important repealing the 8th amendment is for working people in Ireland.

Senator Nash said: "The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has had a long history in opposing the eighth amendment, having initially opposed it's introduction in 1983. Today they have reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring women receive proper healthcare in crisis situations.

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"The eighth amendment creates huge difficulties for women who have to take time off work to travel. The pressure of having to travel abroad and then come up with trumped up reasons for taking time off can create very difficult situations for women.

"The eighth amendment also compromises the ability of health care workers to ensure that pregnant women in their care do not suffer. The current parameters of the law that doctors and midwives practice and operate under can be extremely frustrating for those working in the sector.

"Repealing the eighth amendment will allow healthcare workers to help their patients to make the right decisions that are best in their individual circumstances.

"The trade union movement has always played a vital role in our society progressing, this will continue through out the Repeal the Eighth campaign."


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"The Labour Party has said that repealing the 8th Amendment "is a workers' rights issue"."