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Sean Bean Wants More Children 

Sean Bean has revealed that he'd love to start a family with wife Ashley Moore.

The 59-year-old actor, who already has three grown up children from his previous marriages, told The Times newspaper that he thinks it would be "nice" to start a family with Ashely Moore, 33, who is his fifth wife.

When asked if he would be interested in having any more children, he said: "Possibly, yes. With Ashley, yeah. That would be nice, that."

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Speaking fondly of his wife, he said "She's full of life. Exuberant. Very positive energy. We've been together nearly seven years now."

When asked about his past marriages and if there was anything he could have done 'differently', the actor claimed "You know, you look back on things and think, 'Maybe I should have done that in a different way. Maybe I wouldn't have done that. I'd do that differently now.'

"But then again, you're a lot younger, they're different times and you think, "Would I have done that? Would I really do it any differently?"


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"Sean Bean has revealed that he'd love to start a family with wife Ashley Moore."