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Jessica Alba's Husband Is Her Best Friend

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are "best friends", the actress has revealed.

After 11 years of marriage to the film producer, Jessica said their communication is what makes things work.

The couple have three children- Honor, 10, Haven, seven and Hayes, 14 months.

Speaking to Health magazine, the 'Fantastic Four' star said: "My husband and I like each other still. I'm not good with conflict.

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"I didn't know how to express myself, and I feel like I've evolved into this person who can communicate so you can address stuff before it gets out of control. We're best friends, and we respect each other."

Jessica added that the pair always have each other's backs, and make sure to schedule quality time together. "We support each other. I think it's just nice to have someone who can just listen and be there for you and cuddle and ... I don't know, we do a lot of down time, and being chill. It's important to have a date night once in a while."


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Jessica Alba's Husband Is Her Best Friend
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"Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are "best friends", the actress has revealed."