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Audrina Partridge On The Struggles Of Co-Parenting

Audrina Partridge has spoken out on the struggles of co-parenting.

The star shares daughter Kirra, aged three, with her ex-husband Corey Bohen, and says their arrangements can sometimes result in a "power struggle".

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, 'The Hills' cast member revealed: "The biggest struggle with coparenting is probably getting the other parent to agree with you for something that your daughter wants to do, whether it be going to preschool or something that she wants to do, but they don't want her to do it. It's just a power struggle sometimes."

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Audrina's comments come after she reached a custody agreement with former husband Corey just this week. While Corey will have monitored visitation, she admits the road to their current setup hasn't been easy. Despite the stress however, the 34-year-old is focusing all of her energy on her daughter.

She added: "90 percent of the time, Kirra's with me. ... We just have this mother-daughter bond, it's very special, and we get each other. I can look at her and know exactly what she's thinking and what is going on."


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"Audrina Partridge has spoken out on the struggles of co-parenting."