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Single Life Gave Phoebe Tonkin Confidence

Phoebe Tonkin believes she grew in confidence after splitting from Paul Wesley.

'The Vampire Diaries' co-stars dated for four years until 2017, and Phoebe believes the breakup allowed her to find her self confidence and focus on different aspects in her life and career, including her first short film 'Furlough'.

Speaking to InStyle Australia this week, she said: "There's a lot of change, but it's good change. I'd gone through a breakup last year and I wanted to branch out and explore other things and Furlough felt like the perfect opportunity to do that. Everything has sort of fallen into place ... I just feel more confident now in myself and in my passions."

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Phoebe, who turned 30 last month, said she would love to continue to be "creative, travel and eventually have kids and a family", although she's currently just excited to start a "new chapter" of her life.

She added to the publication: "For now, though, it feels kind of momentous to be turning 30 and to be in a new city. I'm really just excited to begin a new chapter in my life."


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"Phoebe Tonkin believes she grew in confidence after splitting from Paul Wesley."