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Laura Carmichael Is Lucky In Love

Laura Carmichael believes she is lucky in love with her boyfriend Michael Fox.

The pair both star in 'Downton Abbey' and although they try to keep their work and home life separate, they can't help feeling privileged to understand one another's careers.

Speaking of their relationship to Stella magazine, Laura said: "I think we're lucky, and support and understand each other. It's tough, so to have someone who's got your back...

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"It can be really beautiful when you're working together and chatting about stuff that's hard and they get it."

The actress tries to lead a normal life despite her career, and credits her two sisters Amy and Olivia for keeping her grounded. She said: "I'm seeing them tonight and I can't wait. We live near each other and all our partners are really good mates as well."


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"Laura Carmichael believes she is lucky in love with her boyfriend Michael Fox."