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Allen Leech Knows Sex Of Unborn Baby

Allen Leech has found out the sex of his unborn baby.

The actor is set to welcome his first child with his wife Jessica Blair Herman later this year and, although they are aware of the sex, is planning to keep it under wraps.

When asked whether they have found out yet, Allen told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We do. But we're not telling ... I want four kids. And Jess' response to that probably can't be broadcast on national television. So she's like, 'Yeah, good luck. See you there.'...Fingers crossed everything goes brilliantly with this and we'll see then."

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The actor also gushed about his wife and paid her tribute for how well she has taken to the pregnancy.

"It is amazing and Jess is doing a phenomenal job," the father-to-be said.

"She's just taking in her stride. So it is incredible and you're sitting there going, 'Look at how your body is changing!' And then sometimes you're like, 'Isn't it amazing?!' and then sometimes you go, 'What!' And I mean that in a good way."


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"Allen Leech has found out the sex of his unborn baby."