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Peter Crouch's Family Is Complete

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy have completed their family.

With four children already, including three-month-old Jack, the pair are "100 percent done" and have no plans to expand their brood further.

When asked about the prospect while appearing on 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV', the former England player said: "Oh 100 percent we are not having another child... It's Abbey's fault I think, she still looks great! I don't know if we planned for four, but it's amazing, I love it! To have two boys and two girls, I feel blessed. Being able to take them to school now, pick them up and being hands on."

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Rather than planning for more children, Peter hopes to coach his sons to play football as soon as their old enough, as older daughters Sophia, eight and Liberty, four, aren't interested.


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"Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy have completed their family."