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Lady Gaga Wants Kids

Lady Gaga hopes to become a mum in the next decade.

The singer and actress has a lot of plans for the next ten years, including in both her professional and personal life.

Asked about her aspirations, she told Youtube channel NikkieTutorials: "More music, not retiring any time soon... all kinds of different music.

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"I wanna do more movies, I wanna have babies and I want to continue to build the behemoth that is Haus Laboratories into the makeup company of my dreams.

"I'm living my inspirations right now, in this moment. When I get inspired, I do things right away.

"There will be tons of crazy things that I do over the next decade. I just don't know exactly what they are, which is why they'll be extra crazy."

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, is not understood to be romantically linked to anyone.


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"Lady Gaga hopes to become a mum in the next decade."