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Registry Offices play an important part in legalising any marriage. Whether you are getting married in a venue of your choice, or in the registry office itself, notice of the marriage must be given. The Wedding Planner has a selection of Registry Offices who can give you all the information you require for your upcoming wedding.
Barking & Dagenham Registry OfficeBARKING
Barnet Registry OfficeEDGWARE
Brent Registry OfficeWEMBLEY
Croydon Registry OfficeCROYDON
Ealing Registry OfficeLONDON


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MSPs Endorse Same-Sex Marriage Bill

A government committee has supported legislation that would introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland.

A majority of MSPs on the Equal Opportunities Committee have given their support to the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill. Other members were not convinced by the Bill and voiced concerns that it did not provide adequate protections.

The new legislation still needs to go through a rigorous voting process at Parliament before it can officially become law.

Convener of the equal opportunities committee, Labour MSP Margaret McCulloch, said: "All of us on the committee recognise the validity, depth and sincerity of all views submitted to us on what has clearly been an emotive issue.


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