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Wedding News Archive - Jul 2013

Simon Cowell 'To Become A Father' Reports31/07/2013
Civil Ceremonies Increase In NI31/07/2013
Lawson And Saatchi Granted Decree Nisi31/07/2013
Ed Sheeran Makes Marriage Pact31/07/2013
Hen And Stag Dos More Enjoyable Than Wedding Day 31/07/2013
Stay-At-Home Mums Are The Happiest31/07/2013
Liam Gallagher 'Is Not Speaking To Wife'31/07/2013
Wendi Deng Hires New Divorce Lawyer31/07/2013
Jamie Bell Refers To Wife As His 'Warrior' 31/07/2013
Caroline Flack 'Dating Music Manager'31/07/2013
Increase In Number Of Trophy Husbands30/07/2013
Lea Michele Breaks Silence Over Monteith30/07/2013
Woman Loses Wedding Rings On Beach 30/07/2013
First Impressions Do Count Survey30/07/2013
Alex Reid Sells Wedding Ring For Competition30/07/2013
Newlyweds Hold Reception At McDonald's30/07/2013
Kym Lomas' Marriage In Trouble Reports30/07/2013
Kim Kardashian Is A 'Hands On' Mum 30/07/2013
'ER' Star Settles Divorce Case30/07/2013
Wedding Knife Killer Jailed For 25 Years30/07/2013
Denise Van Outen Splits From Husband29/07/2013
Internet Dating Firms 'Use Fake Profiles'29/07/2013
Lewis Hamilton Dedicates Win To Scherzinger29/07/2013
Men 'Turned Off' By Women In Revealing Clothes29/07/2013
Fergie Celebrates 'Gayby' Baby Shower29/07/2013
Natasha Hamilton Confirms Marriage Split29/07/2013
Is Benedict Cumberbatch Dating Russian Model?29/07/2013
Rochelle, Marvin Humes Celebrate Anniversary29/07/2013
Feminist Weddings On The Increase26/07/2013
Cameron Wants To 'Export' Gay Marriage26/07/2013
Women Buy Designer 'To Compete With Romantic Rivals'26/07/2013
Men Who Make Women Laugh Are More Attractive26/07/2013
McFly Singer Confirms Engagement26/07/2013
'Marriage Is Wonderful' Tina Turner26/07/2013
John Barrowman Discusses Marriage26/07/2013
Holly Valance Expecting Her First Child26/07/2013
'End Of The Teenage Sweetheart' Survey25/07/2013
OED Could Change 'Marriage' Entry25/07/2013
Cost of Weddings Continue To Soar25/07/2013
Singer Fergie Plans Baby Shower25/07/2013
Flirting Is More Popular In The Summer25/07/2013
Kids 'More Likely To Suffer ADHD' If Mum Smokes During Pregnancy25/07/2013
'No Wedding Invite' For Aniston's Mum25/07/2013
Toni Braxton Finalises Divorce25/07/2013
Britons Ditching 'Lavish' Baby Presents24/07/2013
Darius Campbell And Wife To Divorce24/07/2013
Eight Arrested In Sham Marriage Operation24/07/2013
Claire Sweeney Reveals Miscarriage Heartbreak24/07/2013
Benedict Cumberbatch Conducts Civil Ceremony24/07/2013
Nights Away From Mum Leave Babies 'Less Secure'24/07/2013
Kelly Osborne 'Is Feeling Broody'24/07/2013
Beth Ditto Confirms Marriage Rumours24/07/2013
4 In 10 Women Are Now Breadwinners23/07/2013
House Of Commons Available For Weddings23/07/2013
Baby Girl For Lady Antebellum Star23/07/2013
Arguing Couples Want Their Partner To 'Relinquish Power'23/07/2013
'Apprentice' Star Enjoys Being Single23/07/2013
Working Mums Still Do Most Of The Household Chores23/07/2013
MacDonagh Will Make A Brilliant Mum Andre23/07/2013
Penelope Cruz Welcomes Second Child23/07/2013
Shared Interests Help Relationships Work22/07/2013
Wedding Ring Found On Great Barrier Reef22/07/2013
Peter Andre To Become A Father Again22/07/2013
Majority Of New Mums Unhappy With First Photos22/07/2013
Liam Gallagher Splits From Wife Reports22/07/2013
Fabrice Muamba Welcomes Second Child22/07/2013
Hayley Roberts 'Is Ready To Commit'22/07/2013
Tina Turner Throws Wedding Party22/07/2013
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder19/07/2013
Jessie J To Help Couple Celebrate Wedding19/07/2013
'Push Presents' Increase In Popularity19/07/2013
Dating Scams Are On The Increase19/07/2013
Liam Gallagher 'Kicked Out' By Wife19/07/2013
Alex Reid Warns Ex-Wife Over Autobiography19/07/2013
Kim Kardashian 'Is Not Getting Married'19/07/2013
Christina Ricci Won't Be A Bridezilla19/07/2013
Record Low Number Of Stay-At-Home Mums18/07/2013
Indulging While Pregnant Could Make Children Obese18/07/2013
Scherzinger Admits She's 'Lonely' Following Split18/07/2013
Liam Gallagher In Love Child Battle18/07/2013
Teddy Bears Occupy Children More Than Gadgets18/07/2013
106 Weddings For 'Most Married Couple'18/07/2013
Kim Kardashian Discusses Motherhood18/07/2013
Wedding Couples 'To Play Matchmaker' For Single Friends18/07/2013
Zachary Quinto Splits From Boyfriend18/07/2013
Tina Turner Marries Long-Term Partner18/07/2013
Same-Sex Marriage Becomes UK Law 17/07/2013
New Mums Miss Lie-Ins The Most - Survey17/07/2013
Transatlantic Romance For Zayn Malik17/07/2013
'Slider' Couples Are More Likely To Divorce17/07/2013
Mel C Finds Motherhood 'Difficult'17/07/2013
Kanye West 'Would Like More Children'17/07/2013
Mum-To-Be Gives Birth At Baby Shower17/07/2013
Black Eyed Peas Singer Expecting Baby Boy17/07/2013
Adam Levine Reveals Engagement17/07/2013
Jolie 'To Wear Mother's Wedding Dress'17/07/2013
Gay Marriage Bill Passes House Of Lords16/07/2013
1 In 6 Couples Sleep Separately Survey16/07/2013
Fifth Of Parents Find Their Baby 'Ugly'16/07/2013
Cory Monteith 'Planned To Move In With Girlfriend'16/07/2013
Singletons 'Check For Wedding Rings'16/07/2013
Man Exposed As Bigamist Via Facebook16/07/2013
'Glee' Star Files For Divorce16/07/2013
Parents Now Help Pay For Their Son's Wedding16/07/2013
Woman Trapped In Elevator Gives Birth16/07/2013
TOWIE Star Confirms Max George Romance16/07/2013
Kelly Osbourne Gets Engaged15/07/2013
Nigella Lawson To Divorce In 17 Days15/07/2013
TOWIE Star Slams Ex-Fiance Joey Essex15/07/2013
Helen Flanagan "Can't Live Without" Scott Sinclair15/07/2013
Lea Michele Asks For Privacy Following Boyfriend's Death15/07/2013
Jimmy Kimmel Gets Married15/07/2013
20% Of Married Couples 'Feel Trapped'11/07/2013
New Baby Boom For Britain11/07/2013
Men 'Behave Better' In Front Of Women11/07/2013
Diabetes Risk For Babies Weaned After 6 Months11/07/2013
Dawn French Discusses Lenny Henry Marriage11/07/2013
Jennifer Aniston Continues With Wedding Plans11/07/2013
Optimistic Newlyweds Have Less Happy Marriages11/07/2013
Halle Berry To Marry This Weekend?11/07/2013
60% Of Parents Don't Monitor Kids' Phones11/07/2013
LeAnn Rimes Denies Pregnancy Rumours11/07/2013
Mums Feel Guilty Going Back To Work10/07/2013
Half Of Britons Find 'The One' After First Date10/07/2013
Cheating Women Would Choose 'Mr Darcy'10/07/2013
Adele Marriage Rumours Denied10/07/2013
Is Jason Statham Planning To Propose?10/07/2013
One Direction To Date Fans For Charity10/07/2013
Parents Need To Save 5,400 Before Having A Baby10/07/2013
Women Who Work Shifts More Likely To Have Fertility Problems10/07/2013
Courteney Cox 'Splits From Boyfriend'10/07/2013
Denise Welch's Son To Miss Her Wedding10/07/2013
Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About Split09/07/2013
Nigella Lawson 'Had No Idea' About Divorce09/07/2013
Groom Nearly Misses Wedding After Stag-Do Prank09/07/2013
High Achievers 'More Likely' To Be Jealous In Relationships09/07/2013
Jennifer Ellison Gives Birth To Baby Boy09/07/2013
Men Are 'Skimping' On First Dates09/07/2013
Olly Murs 'Would Like To Have Children'09/07/2013
Frankie Sandford Reveals Sex Of Baby09/07/2013
Post-Nuptial Agreements Surge In Popularity09/07/2013
George Clooney Rumoured To Be Single09/07/2013
1 In 3 Brides Keep Their Maiden Names08/07/2013
Charles Saatchi To Divorce Nigella Lawson08/07/2013
Baby Born Using New IVF Technique08/07/2013
Andy Murray 'Not Thinking About Marriage'08/07/2013
Shopping With A Partner 'Annoys Men'08/07/2013
Robbie Williams Was 'Unsure' Over Fatherhood08/07/2013
Woman Marries 600 Year Old Bridge08/07/2013
New Mums Prefer Housework Help Over Gifts08/07/2013
Sally Bercow Denies Divorce Rumours08/07/2013
Kerry Katona Cancels Wedding08/07/2013
Niall Horan Splits From Girlfriend08/07/2013
Couples Who Argue Less 'Live Longer'05/07/2013
Men Spend 24 Days A Year 'Escaping' Their Partner05/07/2013
Chris O'Dowd's Pride Over Wife's Name05/07/2013
Ring Brands Couples With 'I'm Married' Message05/07/2013
Matthew Perry Wants To Start A Family05/07/2013
Edward Snowden Receives Marriage Proposal05/07/2013
Sandra Bullock 'Is Happiest Being A Mum'05/07/2013
Jools Oliver Wants Another Baby05/07/2013
Nicole Scherzinger Hints At Relationship Split05/07/2013
Tamara Ecclestone Finds Her 'Happy Ever After'05/07/2013
18% Of Women Conceive On Holiday04/07/2013
Celebrities Help NI Couple Celebrate Wedding04/07/2013
Katie Price Expecting More Than One Baby?04/07/2013
Half Of Young People Now Flirt Online04/07/2013
Electric Knives Top Gift List For Newlyweds04/07/2013
Kim Kardashian 'Having Fun' As A Mum04/07/2013
Coldplay's Chris Martin Reveals Dating Failures04/07/2013
Tom Cruise 'More Relaxed' Since Divorce04/07/2013
Jessie J Has 'No Time For Romance'04/07/2013
Helen Flanagan 'Not Eating' Since Split04/07/2013
Couple Forced To Change 'Religious' Vows03/07/2013
Number Of Cheating Wives Jumps By 40%03/07/2013
More Couples Choosing 'Old Fashioned' Baby Names03/07/2013
John Barrowman Marries Long-Time Partner03/07/2013
1 In 4 Women Wear Make-Up To Bed To Impress A Partner03/07/2013
Susan Boyle 'Wants To Start Dating'03/07/2013
How A Parents' Divorce Can Affect Their Children03/07/2013
Tamara Ecclestone Officially Ties The Knot03/07/2013
Kristen Stewart 'Hurt' Over Relationship Breakdown03/07/2013
'Gothic' Wedding For Avril Lavigne03/07/2013
Parents Not Taking 'Time Out' From Their Kids02/07/2013
Irish Govt To Vote On Abortion Changes02/07/2013
Vicar 'Too Drunk' To Carry Out Wedding02/07/2013
Dawn French Remains Friends With Ex-Husband02/07/2013
Brits Look For Holiday Romance With Fellow Brits02/07/2013
Kanye West Reveals Father's Day Gift02/07/2013
Is Changing The Subject The Secret To A Long Marriage?02/07/2013
Woman Goes Into Labour At Glastonbury02/07/2013
Is Max George Dating TOWIE Star?02/07/2013
Avril Lavigne Reported To Have Married02/07/2013
More UK Couples Are Ditching Date Nights 01/07/2013
Meterosexual Men Cost Their Partners 230 A Year01/07/2013
Katie Price Discusses Divorce01/07/2013
Men 'Can't Fool' Women During Lover's Tiffs01/07/2013
Couple Spend Honeymoon At Glastonbury01/07/2013
Lewis Hamilton And Nicole Scherzinger Split01/07/2013
Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Baby Boy01/07/2013
Half Of Working Women Afraid To Tell Boss They're Pregnant01/07/2013
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